10 Tips Every Technology Professional Should Know


With a few hints up your sleeve, you may boom productiveness. And productiveness and generation are interrelated. They are the riding force behind worldwide competition and economic overall performance. Check out our list of ten tech tips to help your business stay profitable, applicable, and technologically superior.

Tip #1: Generate sturdy, smooth-to-keep in mind passwords.

At this factor, each person is aware of now not to apply “1234″ as a password. We also recognize that the strongest passwords are extra than eight characters lengthy, include higher- and lowercase letters, numbers, and emblems, and don’t include any obvious information (your name) or maybe complete words. The trick to a memorable however complex password is acronyms: Pick a word, including “I’ve eaten Green Eggs and Ham in view that December 1969,” and squash it collectively, preserving the primary letters and all punctuation: “I’eGEaHsD1969″. You also can alternative numbers, symbols, and misspellings: “My son’s birthday is March nine″ turns into “Mi$solar’sbdayiz0309″. And make certain to exchange your passwords every six months, deciding on a completely new acronym whenever. Remember: Length is extra vital than complexity. Longer passwords, despite the fact that they’re simpler, are tougher to crack.

Tip #2: Keep your passwords safe.

Once you’ve give you your fancy, clean-to-bear in mind passwords, keep them safe. For heaven’s sake, don’t write them all on a chunk of paper that you maintain to your wallet! Use a service like LastPass or Dashlane to manage your many distinct logins and passwords.

Tip #3: Quickly and without problems speed up your pc.

Unlike a best wine, your computer does no longer get higher with age. It calls for non-stop maintenance to sluggish the inevitable decrease in processing speed, so preserve your laptop happy with month-to-month upkeep tasks: delete useless packages; sell off unnecessary files, like cookies; defragment the tough force; perform a registry test to perceive broken or corrupted files; and hold track of ways much RAM space you have, ensuring you don’t run more programs than the device can manage.

Tip #4: Reduce mobile statistics utilization.

If you’re on a restrained statistics plan, what are you wondering? Get on an infinite plan. If the limitless plan is prohibitively high priced, or if your provider doesn’t offer limitless data for your vicinity and also you don’t experience like shifting to a city, right here are some hints to ensure you don’t pass over your facts restriction:

Whenever you’re in Wi-Fi variety, switch over from your mobile network.

Keep a cap on streaming, that’s the biggest data hog on your mobile device. One hour of streaming HD video can use 2GB of statistics.

Disable push content material, that is facts that is “pushed” to your phone with out consumer interaction, like emails and Facebook notifications.
Track usage with a information screen (both iPhones and Androids have one built in).

Tip #5: Take advantage of free Windows admin utilities.

There are infinite unfastened applications and packages that do the identical work as paid versions. The trick is understanding wherein to appearance and not getting sucked in to an limitless cycle of junk mail, advertisements, or loose trials. A superb useful resource is 4sysops, which lists greater than 300 loose Windows utilities, from configuration to monitoring, entire with opinions and links to down load. The first-rate element? No advertisements to clog up the website interface.

Tip #6: Shop round before purchasing your cellular smartphone and other tech devices.

Major wi-fi companies price inflated prices for his or her cell telephones, then knock down the price if you sign on for an iron-clad plan of a yr or or greater. Even if you’re an existing purchaser of a service, you can purchase upgraded telephones from a 3rd birthday celebration etailer, including Amazon or Wirefly, in an effort to work along with your cellphone plan. The identical is going for computer systems, capsules, and other era products: Before you purchase it instantly from the emblem-name enterprise, peruse the sector wide Internet to see if you could’t get a higher deal on a domain like Newegg, which also gives person opinions.

Tip #7: Avoid paying more for 4G on your computer or tablet by means of enabling the hotspot for your telephone.

Clearly, telephone groups will fee you for as many things as they could get away with. Avoid the $10 or $20 in line with month charge to include your computer or tablet for your records plan by using the usage of your smartphone as a hotspot and connecting your other devices thru Wi-Fi. If you’re now not on a facts plan that includes a hotspot feature, use free software like Fox.Fi (to be had in Google Play for Android) to attach your devices.

Tip #8 : Avoid extended warranties.

Almost all era products include an automatic warranty from the manufacturer. But retailers will regularly attempt to goad you into paying for additional insurance within the shape of a shop-sponsored “extended warranty.” Say no. Most merchandise don’t break within the three-yr guarantee length besides, so it’s wasted cash.

Tip #9: Be a loyal and each day reader of tech web sites and blogs.

Your industry changes daily, and it’s your task to keep on top of tendencies and technologies. Some of the fine analyzing out there is on Lifehacker, CNET, Engadget, Gizmodo, Ars Technica, and PC Magazine.

Tip #10: Invest in an amazing office chair.

If you spend your day in the front of a computer, it’s miles essential that you invest in a at ease, properly supportive office chair. To avoid backaches, headaches, and different discomforts, examine up at the ergonomics of office chairs (backbone-health.Com has a great starting article) and spend a Saturday afternoon shopping around to discover the great option to your frame. Lifehacker has a pleasing spherical-up of new favorites.