How To Take Screen Shots in Any Laptop or Desktop


Some time you want to take a screen shot of a particular thing that is appearing on your laptop or desktop computer screen and it’s may not be download able or you don’t know to download that thing.

So today i’m going to share you a simple trick by which you can easily take a screen shot on your laptop or Desktop.

There are two method  to take screen shot one of “using print screen key” and the other one is “using snipping tool”.

Note: Snipping tool is only work for (windows 7 , windows 8 and window 10).

To know How to use snipping tool? Click Here.

To know how to use print screen key Just follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1:

open that screen which you want to take screen shot.


Fint the print Screen button on your laptop keyboard or desktop keyboard. it’s usually named as “prt Sc” or “Prnt Scrn”.  as show in image below.

Step 3:

Press the print Screen key.


press window key and go to paint.

Step 5:

Press ctrl+V and save it by ctrl+s.

Note:You can see the following video to understand easily.