Tips to Cook Meatball Noodle


A delicious twist at the conventional stir-fry, with smooth-to-make meatballs.

Preparation time

less than 30 minutes

Cooking time

10 to 30 mins


Serves 1


2 red meat sausages
3 spring onions
2cm/¾in piece root ginger, grated
handful fresh coriander, leaves picked, stalks chopped
four tsp darkish soy sauce
2 small garlic cloves, finely chopped
2 pinches dried chilli flakes
1 tsp sesame oil (optional)
2 tsp vegetable oil
1 carrot, reduce into skinny matchsticks
1 nest dried egg noodles
handful beansprouts


1.Preheat the oven to 160C/140C Fan/Gas 3. Run a sharp knife down the centre of the sausages and peel off the skins. Break up the sausage meat and placed it in a bowl. Finely chop a spring onion and add it to the bowl. Add the ginger, coriander stalks, 1 teaspoon soy sauce, 1/2 the garlic and chilli flakes and the sesame oil, if the use of. Mix well.

2.Roll the aggregate into 4 massive meatballs. Heat a teaspoon of the vegetable oil in a big frying pan or wok and prepare dinner the meatballs for 5–10 mins, turning frequently, or till browned throughout and cooked thru. Transfer to a baking tray and vicinity inside the oven to hold heat.

3.Meanwhile, cook dinner the noodles in step with the packet commands (or deliver a pan of water to the boil, add the noodles and cook dinner for three minutes). Drain and rinse under cold water.

4.Thinly slice the last spring onions. Heat the ultimate vegetable oil in the frying pan and add the remaining garlic and chilli flakes, the sliced spring onions and carrot and stir-fry for 2–three mins, or till starting to soften. Add the noodles, beansprouts and remaining soy sauce and stir-fry for two mins.

5.Add the meatballs and stir. Sprinkle with the coriander leaves, and more soy sauce if vital, and serve right now.