Tips for Your Tech Devices


As technology turns into ever greater powerful, our devices end up ever extra complex. Which means that gadgets like smartphones can do extra things than ever however additionally do them in more ways than ever.

If you’ve ever questioned if there has been a higher manner to do this or that together with your digital devices, you’ve come to the proper area.

We’re here to expose you a series of tips and tricks to do new things as well as antique matters in new approaches.

Behind the digicam

Let’s begin with taking snap shots. Sure, you could tap that huge round shutter button at the screen of your telephone to snap a photo. But what if that’s no longer handy? What in case you’re looking to keep the camera in an uncommon way or at an uncommon perspective to get a image of something specifically? Or what in case your phone has a great digital camera and you need to place it on a tripod and no longer move it whilst you tap the shutter button?

The solution is to apply your telephone’s quantity button.

That’s right, most smartphones have outside quantity rocker buttons that can be used to cause the camera’s shutter when the digital camera app is in use. On each iPhones and most Android telephones of the remaining four years, pressing either the volume up or down buttons snaps a photo.

And that’s not the simplest manner. A set of stressed headphones with a quantity switch on them can also be used to cause the digital camera on most newer Android telephones and iPhones. (This is how a variety of “selfie sticks” work to trigger the shutter whilst now not keeping the cellphone itself.) And if you’re virtually, actually picky approximately your options, there are actually camera shutter remote controls that paintings to snap the photographs via Bluetooth wireless era. These options can be available when you want to be in a group image.


You see it more and more nowadays: a person snapped a photo in their text message verbal exchange on their phone to percentage with others. Or perhaps you were having hassle together with your pc or phone and wanted as a way to ship a screenshot of the issue to a nephew or granddaughter for technical assistance.

Just like the digicam pointers above, there also are a couple of easy methods to do that with only a few faucets of a keyboard key or volume button.

On a Windows laptop or computer, there is mostly a “Print Screen” (or “Prt Scr”) button for clean screenshots. Older versions of Windows, like Vista and 7, offer fundamental complete-display screen screenshots through the Print Screen key, however also provide a Snipping Tool, located in the Accessories phase in the Start menu, that lets you pick out a specific region of the display screen for taking pictures. Newer versions of Windows, like 8 and 10, additionally maintain the Snipping Tool, however make saving the screenshots easier, putting them robotically in a selected folder.

On a Windows pill, urgent the Windows button and the volume down button on the equal time offers you a screenshot of your entire display.

Similarly, on iPhones and iPads, urgent and conserving the Sleep/Wake button after which tapping the Home button will take a complete-display screenshot that can then be located in your Camera Roll.

With most, even though now not all, more recent (i.E., considering version 4) Android telephones and drugs, holding down the energy and extent down buttons takes a screenshot.

Of path, there also are lots of apps available that make it clean to take screenshots in addition to to edit them later on, but wherein’s the amusing in that?

Let there be light

If you ever omit your telephone’s notifications due to the fact you don’t word the vibration or don’t continually hear it ringing, you would possibly want to turn on visual indicators.

The iPhone and iPad make it clean to do this. Under the Accessibility settings, latest variations of iOS have a placing for “LED flash for alerts.” Enabling this means that when you have an alert or notification, the LED light, which is used because the camera flashbulb, will blink to warn you.

The huge type of Android gadgets makes this a chunk trickier, however Android telephones with LED indicators can encompass this option, and people that don’t can probably nonetheless take advantage of apps in order to permit this conduct.

Do Not Disturb

On the opposite, if you need to keep away from all notifications instead, you can put your cellphone into Do Not Disturb mode.

Both iPhones and Android phones have Do Not Disturb settings that still consist of the potential to specify how long the telephone should continue to be on this country earlier than reverting to standard notifications.